PIERCING PRICES start at $30 for all basics, such as nose, belly, lip or lobe. Two piercings on the same person, same visit $50, three $65, etc. Second or Third Holes with flat back earrings just $30, and that includes lobes for kids too! Our Quality 316L Surgical Steel Jewelry is ALWAYS included!

Micro-Dermal Implants are $50, two on the same person, same visit $80, three for $100.

TATTOO PRICES are per piece, not by the hour, but we also do daily sittings:

HALF DAYS of 4-hour sessions at $400 with Richie, and require a $100 deposit.

FULL DAYS of 8-hour sessions are $800, require a $200 deposit, and we feed you lunch! 

Deposits Go Toward The Total Cost of your tattoo.

Come into the studio or email an artist to make an appointment.

We do accept PayPal for Out-Of-Town clients for your convenience.


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For Deposits to The Dungeon Inc for  appointments with Richie Streate only.


Retail clothing located in the front area of the studio, such as Lucky 13, Living Dead Souls, Too Fast, and Cartel Ink. Aftercare products for tattoos and piercings also up front, and the largest selection of piercing jewelry, and organics in Fremont County. Tattoo and piercing procedures performed by certified artists beyond the glass wall proceeded with professional cleanliness. Permanent custom art for your body. A true 'Body Art Studio' for this century.

Established in 2006, and physical studio opened in 2009, The Dungeon Inc. Body Art Studio is a 3,000 square foot, two story, modern tattoo shop capable of housing up to seven tattoo artists. There is also a private booth in the back of the building. 

We're a small Colorado community, and continue to support local foundations to give back to the less fortunate. The Orchard of Hope is one local foundation giving back to cancer champions, and their families in Fremont County.

On some occasions we have guest artists come from other states, or even other countries, to tattoo and enjoy our Big Little river rafting town. May is the opening season for rafting and tourism here in Canon City, Colorado. There is so much to see and do in the local area, and many great arts to see. We welcome you to visit our community, and our beautiful studio when you come to Colorado.

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503 Main St.

Canon City, CO 81212

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 10:00 am until 7 or 8pm, Depending on the work load.

Closed Sundays & Mondays

Opened: 04/01/2009

Phone: (719) 275-5050